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Water-based industrial paint—epoxy mica intermediate paint

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Water-based industrial paint—epoxy mica intermediate paint

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Product description

Two-component waterborne epoxy intermediate paint.

Product features

high salt spray resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, tough and dense paint film, and good adhesion to the primer; the product has high sealing properties, which can effectively block the penetration of foreign media into the coating; one time Film formation can reach 80-120 microns. Suitable for use as intermediate paint.

Application areas

Suitable for metal coating in various heavy-duty anti-corrosion fields, and suitable for rust prevention of steel structures such as large steel structures, bridges, ships, tower cranes, towers, oil storage tanks, truck forks, crane booms, etc. And antiseptic.


The baking process can be adopted according to the process requirements. The temperature, humidity and air circulation of the leveling room also have a significant impact on the drying of the paint film.

Measures can be taken to reduce its humidity, increase temperature, and increase ventilation to accelerate the initial volatilization of paint film moisture, and make the leveling time not less than 15 minutes, and the 80-100 degree drying time not less than 40 minutes.

Instructions for use

■Stir thoroughly before use;

■Using high-pressure airless spraying method for construction, 1-10% water can be added according to the ambient temperature;

■Before painting, polish the primer or remove dust and other sundries;

■Each recoating time is no less than 12 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity.


1. Construction temperature>109℃, humidity<75%, and keep good ventilation and dustproof treatment;

2. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other paints and organic solvents;

3. After the construction is completed, all appliances can be rinsed with clean water.


Store in a cool and ventilated place, storage temperature 5 -35C.

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